Replace Scilab with Julia?

As a programmer, I usually need to convert numbers between decimal and hexadecimal formats. Sometimes, I also need to define values in hexadecimal format. I have been using Scilab for 10 months. The format conversion issue still let me feel very inconvenient. In Scilab, I have to call dec2hex() and hex2dec() to convert format.

Today, I happen to know a new mathematic programming language, Julia. I think I should give it a try if it can solve my problem. So, I quickly download and install Julia. It only has command line interface. It's fine for me since I always open a console on desktop.

Now, let's try to declare variable in hexadecimal format. Great! It just works like C language.

I also found a very interesting thing. You can declare variable by using most UTF-8 characters and LaTex symbol. See the following example:

This is achieved by typing \mu-TAB and x\_i-TAB = 10. Where -TAB means to press the TAB key. It is really nice, right?

Well, Julia looks like a good mathematic tool for programmers like me. If you also think it is interesting then you should try it. You can get more information from https://julialang.org.